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Anything Under the Sun Presents: Best Burger Joints in Naga City

Naga City is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. In this city, you can do almost anything under the sun. Mainly because it’s near Caramoan Islands, one of the most beautiful Islands I’ve ever been to, and it’s also near CWC (CamSur WaterSports Complex). But aside from these, I think Nagueños should also be proud of their wide selection of delicious foods.

Now, for burger lovers like me, I think all of you will be happy to know that there are two places where you can eat yummy burgers.
One of these places is Bigg’s Diner, which offers 4 different burgers that you can choose from. These include Extreme Chill Mushroom Burger, Extreme Burger, Extreme Supreme Burger and Extreme Reuben. If you ask me, I’d suggest Extreme Reuben. So far it’s my favorite. It’s affordable and it tastes great.

Here’s a photo of Extreme Reuben:

Aside from burgers, Bigg’s Diner actually offers a wide range of foods that you can choose from. Plus, their place is cozy and their staffs are really attentive and accommodating! For different locations of Bigg’s Diner, please Click Here!

Now another burger joint found in Naga City, which I also like is Fat Joe’s. This place only offers burgers but it’s just beside Molino Grill and Bean Bag Coffee shop. This burger joint is located at Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City.

Fat Joe’s has at least 7 types of burgers that you can choose from. I’m not familiar with all of their burgers but I think the one that I usually order is called Ultimate Double Double Cheese Burger. Their burger looks like Bigg’s Extreme Reuben, but I think they cook them differently because their burger tastes different from the ones that Bigg’s Diner offers.

Anyways, here’s a photo of Fat Joe’s Ultimate Double Double Cheese Burger:

So, there you are! Bigg’s Diner and Fat Joe’s Burger: Two of the best burgers joints in Naga City, Philippines. If ever you visit Naga City, Philippines, don’t forget to try their products. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed, I know I’m not!

P.S. Next time, I’ll try to put more photos of all the burgers from Bigg’s Diner and Fat Joe’s here at Anything Under the Sun.

Anything Under The Sun: Meet Sofie, My Jack Russell Terrier

I feel like including my puppy named Sofie here at Anything Under the Sun.I don’t know, I think I’m just so proud of her.

Now, to start with, I got Sofie when she was just two (2) months old. She was very tiny back then, but very playful.

Unlike her brother, she got used to our home very quickly. She doesn’t cry often, but she plays a lot. Having Sofie is just like having a baby. She requires a lot of attention and patience.

Here are three of her videos when she was just 3 months old:

Will be posting more videos of her, here at Anything Under the Sun.

Anything Under The Sun: Handling a Jack Russell Terrier

When I adopted Sofie, last April 23, 2011, I really didn’t have any prior experience in taking care of a Jack Russell Terrier. All I knew was to feed and play with dogs/puppies.

Sofie - my Jack Russell Terrier at 6 Months

I thought that was enough, but boy was I ever wrong!

Taking care of Jack Russell Terriers can be quite a challenge. There are actually some things that you really need to consider, such as the type and brand of food that you feed them or the type of environment that is most suitable for them.

First off, I was told by Sofie’s previous owner that she fed her dogs with Bow Wow. I don’t know if it’s available in different countries, but, it is very common here in the Philippines. But when I took Sofie to the vet, the vet told me that Bow Wow is known to cause kidney problems. She advised me to experiment until I get the best type of food for Sofie.

So I switched from one brand to another, until I found the best one, Pedigree. It’s hard to find this brand of food here and it’s usually more expensive than the other brands of dog food, but it works well. It also has both wet and dry variety for puppies and adult dogs, so you can either feed your Jack Russell Terrier with dry variety or wet foods depending on what they like. Or you can do what I do: I mix the dry with the wet variety.

Now, another consideration you need to think of is the kind of environment where you want to put your Jack Russell Terrier pup. Make sure it’s spacious, because they love to run. And also, make sure that the area is always clean. Although JRT’s are sturdy dogs and even if they completed their shots, they can still acquire deadly diseases like Leptospirosis and Meningitis.

Also, you need to have enough time for them. Meaning to say, you need to spend at least 1 hour every day. JRT’s are active breeds so you also need to be active. They need to walk and play every day or you’ll have problems disciplining them.

Don’t worry though, because the reward of having a Jack Russell Terrier can be quite fun. Believe me. They are very intelligent and you can easily train them. They are very playful and affectionate, or at least mine is.

Anything Under The Sun: Making a Day by Day Diet Plan that You Can Stick To

Today, here at “Anything Under The Sun”, we’re going to talk about day by day diet.

Being overweight can cause a lot of problems to an individual. People who are overweight often feel weak and sluggish. Individuals who have weight problems also suffer from low confidence, and even depression. Now, by finding an ideal day by day diet and changing what and when you eat, can help you get rid of your excess body fats and give you more self-confidence.

By undergoing fat burning diet, you will be able to have enough energy that you can spend for performing your daily activities. You’ll be able to have enough strength; you’ll be able to think clearer and much better. And most of all, by going on a day by day diet program, you’ll feel better about yourself.

Changing your day by day diet will initially be a pain. Shifting from what you’re used to eating to what you should eat is very difficult. Nevertheless, it is also easy to create and/or find an ideal fat burning diet that is easy to follow and one which will fit right into your life.

When you’re just beginning to go on a day by day diet plan, make sure to start with a simple menu. Don’t try to change your whole diet in one week; if you do this, it will be hard for you to stick to your fat burning diet plan.

Make sure to change your daily diet gradually, this way, it will be easier for you to adapt to your new eating habit. Slowly, try to cut down on your intake of foods that are responsible for your excess body fats such as meat, crackers, ice cream, cakes, etc.

Always remember that the purpose of day by day diet programs is to help you burn more body fats while decreasing your intake of calories. So, to help your fat burning diet program, focus on eating foods that will make you feel full without eating in large quantities.

Breads and pastas made out of whole grains are excellent examples for this. Fortunately, whole grains products can be purchased at any supermarket. But aside from whole grain products, you can also include other foods such as nuts, artichokes, lettuce, chicken meat, etc which are also proven to be effective in helping you lose weight.

When undergoing a day by day diet program, always check your motivation for losing body fat. Because, in the end, no one can actually force you to lose weight and stick to your fat burning diet program but yourself.

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